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A brown tabby kitten eyes closed lying down. The text on top of the image reads-'eepy'

Hi! Welcome to my website! This is sort of an organized place for my interests and thoughts and such. Take a gander through all the links. This place is very much subject to large sudden updates- eternal work in progress ^_^

A blinkie reading-'beadaholic' on top of a purple swirled background A blinkie reading-'curves' on top of a purple background. On the right, a person with a hand on their hips A blinkie reading-'The queen is dead!!!' on top of a light purple background. On the right, a picture of Queen Elizabeth the Third A blinkie reading-'monkeying around' on top of a light yellow background. On the left, a monkey is swinging around A blinkie reading-'do you have any lasagna?' on top of a swirled dark orange background. On the left, a drawing of garfield A blinkie reading-'Show NO Mercy' on top of a camo green background. On both sides is a skull A blinkie reading-'I think in HTML tags' on top of a black background.
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  • Name: Hues (online)
  • Prns: It/they
  • Likes: Cooking, baking, watching essays
  • Dislikes: Homework, webps

Your webmaster! I've been working on this site since 2022, but I've been learning HTML since late 2021. I'm a currently student!!

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Strawberry Shortcake sitting down The Very Hungry Caterpillar Mallary from Animal Crossing